Monday, April 28, 2008

All that is Random


I’m on a train in Delaware right now. Where? Delaware. Never thought I’d be here. I feel like that scene from Wayne’s World. “Hi…..I’m in….Delaware”

Sweet ass websites I just figures out- - Who is this chick? I love it! - A new post (almost) everyday of stuff white people like. Examples? Sushi, fleece zip ups from North Face, talking about universal healthcare, Barak Obama. - Nuff said. A whole website dedicated to why I'm almost a lesbian. ALMOST. Unfortunately, I enjoy certain parts of the male anatomy.......a lot.

National Indian Gaming Association-

NIGA. Seriously. Look it up. NO ONE thought of this when the association was named? Wow.

The End of Rock of Love- Ambre? Bo-ring! However the Daisy/Heather fight? AWESOME. Heather would whomp Daisy’s ass.

Who Would Win In a Fight?

LC vs. Heidi? Heidi. Eli vs. Peyton? Peyton. William vs. Harry? Hary. Sean Preston vs. Jayden James? Jayden. Me after 3 tequilas vs. me e after 3 hits? Tequila Hillary vs. Bill? Probably Hillary Oscar the Grouch vs Cookie Monster? Cookie. Mini-Horse from Rob & Big vs. Rob AND Big: Mini horse, hoofs down

Lube in New York City-

I was in NYC this past weekend. Two interesting run-ins with lube. The first was when I walked by one of those tables of old people selling used stuff. There was a half gone bottle of Astro-Glide. Hmmmmmm……. I guess homeless ladies need a little assistance at times too, but GROSS. While I was curious how much they were selling it for, I decided against picking up the bottle and checking it out. The second was when I went into a smoke shop for some cigs. It was a typical smoke shop with pipes, bongs, papers, you know everything you need for rolling your own, ahem, cigarettes. However, there was also a glass locked shelf with tons of lube. Like giant, Costco sized portions of lube. There were no sex toys or anything that goes with lube, just a big ol’ lube selection. Interesting. I concluded that there is something going on with New Yorkers and lube. Must go back and investigate…..

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