Monday, April 7, 2008

Hit It or Quit It - On a LAME Monday Evening

Hello all my little bunnies. I'm afraid I'm full of way more shit I'd like to quit than hit at the moment, but I'll attempt to be optimistic. Cause that's just the kind of girl Miss L is, all optimistic and shizz.

Hit It:
The 90210 spin off. Awwwww yeah. I know it won't be the original. I know that Donna Martin has graduated, and there will never be another walk out led by the big BW, but I am stoked. I'm like a desperate high school freshman getting used by the captain of the football team, I'll take whatever I can get in the 90210 department. Not that anything like that ever happened to me in high school......I'm pretty sure he wasn't a captain.

Quit it:
I'm not watching the basketball game right now. LAME! Why am I missing it? Because I was working late. Worse yet? I get attitude and accused of leaving work early to watch the basketball game.......which I am not watching because I'm working. Sigh. For the record, I worked 10 hours today (ahem, in case anyone reading cares.....), and I'm not complaining about that, but I sure as hell didn't leave early.

Hit It:
The Rock of Love finale AND bonus features episode this week. Yes! Ho's fo sho. I gotta tell you, I'm on Team Daisy. I know she's a slut, a liar, and dumb as dirt (other than the dumb part, are those things so bad?), but honestly she's the only one I can actually picture with Brett. Daisy did have one excellent point, can you really picture Amber with Brett? She probably wears granny panties.This is a great point. Not only does Amber, I'm sure, wear granny panties, but they're probably the kind that come in cotton 3 packs at the grocery store. Buying your chonies at the grocery store? Never sexy. I know that's news to you, Rose Nylund, but you're sexy in other ways.

Quit It:
Mother Fucking Meter Maids! The meters stop running at 6:00pm. Do you know what time I got a ticket at today? 5:55pm. Go F yourself you c*ck s*cking son of a b*tch. I hope you get food poisoning and herpes. I hope when you go home tonight someone had left road kill in your bed and pissed in your Lucky Charms. A very dear friend of mine threatened to shank a meter maid yesterday (Yes, on a Sunday). I wish she had. Punk ass bitches.

Hit It:
Heidi Montag. Dude, I'm totally on Team Heidi. I was reluctant, but duuuuude, she's soooo much cooler than LC. I love the total willingness to completely whore herself out. Girl, at least take it in the ass from US Weekly, not even Tara Reid will take a shot in the mouth for Life & Style. Oh but Heidi will! That's my girl. You're so getting a spin off, that or a 5 picture deal with Vivid. Either way, own it girl!

Quit It:
Working, I;m done answering emails and IM's for the evening.

Hit It:
This lovely glass of Chianti I'm about to enjoy. Sorry Ketel One, but I'm a classy lady this evening (please see the line c*ck s*cking son of a b*tch if you had any doubt)

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Magglio said...

thank god you're back. you're still on probabtion from our blog. but this gets you closer to good standing.