Friday, April 4, 2008

I'm So Happy It's Happy Hour

It's happy hour at work. This is normally a fantastic time. We play Rock Band, forget about clients, and my coworkers drink slightly too much and then go home to their wives. Unfortunately, today everyone had to get home for various family related activities. Since I'm something of a gay man and my evening really won't start for a few hours, it's just me and my vodka. This being the case, I decided to write to you. I love you.......sorry not you, I was talking to my Ketel one, but I'm sure you're lovely as well.

Fortunately a few fun things have happened as I enjoy happy hour alone. I was outside with my beer and a cig, and a cop drove by and looked at me but kept driving. This is the good thing about working where I do and not being in the burbs, the Po have better things to do. In my hometown I'd be cuffed and dictating this blog to my lawyer on my one phone call. Either that or I'd be making someone my bitch in jail. While the latter is appealing, I'd rather be here thank you.

I was brushing up on my gossip websites and learned that the New Kids on the Block are seriously staging a comeback. It's on like Donkey Kong. There is no way Miss L is missing this tour. I missed the Spice Girls, and I will never forgive myself. New Kids are the right stuff. I would still groupie out for Jordan Knight, and this is way less creepy than my willingness to do it at nine years old. HOT.

Beyonce and Jay Z are supposedly getting married this weekend. Sweet. I haven't been this bored since my ex boyfriend spent hours trying to get me off orally, and failed miserably (note to all you guys out there, if you've written the alphabet 3 times and gotten nothing, you're not doing it right- and p.s. we know what you're doing). Anyways back to Bonce. Snooze-ville. Her wedding dress was probably designed by her ridiculous mother. What is the proper spelling of Fugly? Anyhoo, these are my thoughts on Jay Z totally selling himself short.

To be completely honest, I'm getting bored and there is a bar stool and an inappropriate man out there with my name on them. Peace the freak out ya'll. Have a bubbly weekend.

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